Orpheus Quest is a video game experience with an unique control method, where the participant of the experience must control Orpheus in the Underworld. The player  plays a lyre with laser strings in order to synchronize his execution with the notes seen on the screen. The objective is to calm the infernal beasts who try to stop him and (at the end), convince Hades and Persephone of letting him and Eurydice return to the Land of the Living.
Orpheus  Quest is being made by Lil´ Deer: Laura Palavecino, Raul Palavecino, Anibal Hormeche in  Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Laura Palavecino – Art Director & Game Designer-

Mail: lauraanaliapalav@gmail.com | Twitter: @LauraPalav11

Raul Palavecino – Electronic Engineer & Game Designer-

Mail: raulpalav@gmail.com

Anibal Hormeche – Unity Developer & Game Designer-

Mail: anibal.hormeche@gmail.com